5 Great Etsy Gifts For Sculpture Lovers

One of my favorite kinds of art is the sculpture. They can be made from so many different materials that the imagination is really the only limit. They can come in many different forms, colors, textures, and if it is handmade you can guarantee that there is no other piece exactly like it in the entire world (unless you believe we are living simultaneously in different dimensions as Einstein did). Sculptures can be small enough to be displayed on a shelf or cabinet, or gigantic enough to be shown to the whole world as part of a property.

One of my earliest childhood interactions with sculptures involved viewing Charles Russell  sculptures (he was a country western/Indian artist) at the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, Wyoming with my Grandparents. If I correctly recall, one of my favorites was one of a buffalo. If you get a chance, go check it out. It is full of great artwork from many different artists and also features a gun museum. But for now we will take you on a tour of smaller proportions.

Steampunk Elephant “Battle Tusk”

This awesome elephant reminds me of a Dali painting. It is constructed with vintage brass and up-cycled clock parts.

Wood Sculpture – Skinny Rectangles

I love the look of texture on a wall, especially when it looks like the Northwest. Forest and Sea seem to come together in this piece.

Set Of 3 Barrel Of Monkeys

What’s funner than a barrel of monkeys? A barrel of monkeys that don’t trash your house! Perfect for a child’s bedroom or play area, these monkeys certainly won’t do that.

Hand Blown Glass Icicle

During the Winter months you may want to add some color to your yard or garden. Included is a copper stake to “plant” your sculpture with.

Hand Carved Owl Sculpture

Wow! This amazing work showcases hand carved spruce. Through years of carving, this artist has learned to use the wood’s grain to mimic feathers and get symmetrical body features.

The effect that a sculpture can have on an individual is just as unique as the person viewing it. Art is the result of creativity, and creativity is the fuel for changing the world and evoking powerful emotions. How will you let your feelings guide you?


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New In Our Shop

Here at Super Skivvies we are always trying to think of new ways to accommodate our customers needs and help make it as easy as possible to potty train your child. Through the use of helpful potty training tips, top notch customer support, and an incredibly effective trainer, Super Skivvies will help you conquer your potty training fears and provide you and your little one with practical potty training solutions.

Now not too long ago we decided to start offering packaged deals in our Etsy shop, and they have been a great success. Due to the popularity of our packs and the upcoming holiday season, we are pleased to announce that there are now Super Skivvies Gift Certificates available for each one of our great packaged deals. The gift certificate allows the recipient to choose the Super Skivvies of their choice including size and print (with the exception of any Limited Edition Super Skivvies prints). Super Skivvies Gift Certificates are a great gift idea for a family member or friend who will be starting the potty training journey. You can choose from the following packs:

Try It Pack – $60

Our “Try It Pack” includes three (3) pair of Super Skivvies and two (2) Super Inserts. As a packaged deal you save $8 dollars.

Starter Pack – $120

Our “Starter Pack” includes seven (7) pair of Super Skivvies. As a packaged deal you save $18 dollars.

All In Pack – $230

Our “All In Pack” includes thirteen (13) pair of Super Skivvies and six (6) Super Inserts. As a packed deal you save $42 dollars.

We would also like to note a couple of things:

1. All of the Super Skivvies Gift Certificate prices include shipping charges within the U.S. Any additional charges will be billed to the redeemer of the Gift Certificate.

2. We will soon have a Super Skivvies Gift Certificate for just one pair for $20 dollars.

As always you can keep up to date with Super Skivvies news and updates here at our blog and on our Facebook page.


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5 Great Etsy Gifts For Thanksgiving

Each day we are moving closer and closer to a fabulous holiday. Wonderful foods of all sorts, your favorite beverage, and a few games of football are what awaits. Steph and I will be headed to the Yakima area this year to celebrate with her family (wish us a safe trip over Snoqualmie Pass). So in preparation for the holiday, we would like to share some great items we thought might help you and your family get in the holiday spirit.

Thanksgiving Blocks

I can see this being the catch phrase for a lot of families out there this Thanksgiving. If it means gobble like a turkey or eat till you fall off your chair then I’m game!

Run Turkey Run Hair Clip

What a cute turkey! Add that final touch of detail and excitement for the big turkey day. Just the clip is included, but you can get the matching headband to go with it.

Thanksgiving Wreath

This beautiful wreath is made from the flowers and other goodies picked along a special fence line that belongs to the shop owner. It can be hung and admired inside or outside.

Autumn Orchard Handmade Buttons

If you sew, then I know that you can appreciate handmade buttons. The right buttons can turn that garment or craft project you are working on from “so so”, to “just right”.

Thanksgiving Scarecrow Table Runner

It is time for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you have been slaving over a hot stove for (hopefully only one day of work). What better way to finish off a beautiful dinner table than with this perfect table runner?

No matter what you like to eat or do on Thanksgiving, just remember that Thanksgiving is for just that, giving thanks. Even though a lot of people are struggling here in the U.S. and around the world, we must focus on what we do have. Like family, friends, and most importantly, love. Love will conquer all. So be sure to reach out and help someone in need any way you can while being grateful for all of life’s blessings. It can be as simple as giving someone your joy through a smile and a “Happy Thanksgiving”!


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Sneak Peek!

We hope you enjoyed the kickoff of the holiday season with Halloween a couple days ago! Steph and I took our daughter (who was outfitted in a fabulous custom bunny costume that Steph made) out for some trick or treating and found a great neighborhood to “get the goods.” It was a great evening and she had a blast. We let her keep her favorite candy and donated the rest to her dentist who plans to send it all to troops overseas. And it didn’t rain on us here in the Seattle area! Big bonus!

But enough of the personal stuff. Let’s talk about something that we hear all the time from our followers. The number one thing people ask us is, “do you have more prints?” A lot of you out there will be pleased to learn that sometime in December we will be adding over 20 prints to our collection. As of right now we have 15 prints to choose from. Depending on if there are any of those prints from this last run left, there may be up to 35 prints to choose from in the next few months. Getting 20+ more prints ready for everyone is quite a task, considering all of the holidays and festivities coming soon. As we continue to grow and develop into the trusted source for your potty training needs, we feel that it is necessary to do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. Hopefully adding 20+ new prints will satisfy the need for an abundance of fabric choices.

Now we are going to give you a sneak peek at four prints today that will be magically turned into Super Skivvies in the near future. If you like them, stay tuned to the Super Skivvies blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop for the release of all of the great new prints.

The new prints!

We are always trying to let our followers know that we appreciate all of the positive feedback and support that we receive. So thank you to all of our fans and customers! Also, it is important to let you know that we do listen to your wants and needs. That is why we search the fabric retailers for the newest, cutest, and highest quality cotton interlock prints to make into the best potty training pants money can buy – Super Skivvies! (If you need a reminder of why Super Skivvies are the best, look no further than our August 31, 2011 blog post The Top 5 Reasons Why Super Skivvies Are The Best Option For Trainers.)


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5 Great Etsy Gifts For The Bathroom

Whether it is the call of nature or a quick shower, there are many reasons to be found in the bathroom. And while the bathroom might not be the most glamorous room in your home, you definitely want to make your space as calm and relaxing as possible. After all, we all will spend a certain percentage of our lives inside it.

My ideal bathroom would involve glass bricks, a flowing water feature, and an ocean view. Now if that’s not the picture you get when you think of your dream bathroom, have no fear. I have scoured Etsy to find a broad range of unique and diverse items that will help any bathroom achieve royal status. (You can view each item by clicking the picture)

All Natural Shampoo

All shampoos are not created equal. Most shampoos are full of chemicals that damage your hair. These shampoos are created with healthy hair in mind by our good friend who is a real life chemical engineer. And because of the carefully selected essential oils, they smell amazing!

Upcycled Wine Cork Bathmat

If you love wine then this is the gift for you. As you can see this unique bathmat is composed of bottle corks and will create a stir when your friends come to visit. Maybe one of your favorite wines is represented here.

Copper Bamboo C Shape Towel Ring

Tired of that boring towel ring you have now? Well this one is stylish and sturdy with a copper construction made to resemble bamboo and it’s C shape makes moving your towel on or off very simple.

Soap Dish

Ever wonder how that bar of soap disappears so fast? Well when you put down the bar of soap after washing your hands it needs to dry off so it doesn’t get mushy (this wastes your soap). The answer? This decorative draining soap dish.

Wine Barrel Vanity

If you want to add a special touch to your bathroom that no one else has, then this is what will do it. I have never seen or even thought of turning a wine barrel into a vanity. Just add a mirror and then say voila!

Next time you are in the bathroom ask yourself, how can I spruce this place up? You may be inspired to remodel the whole thing. Or maybe you are missing just one unique thing that will complete your spa-like sanctuary. Whatever you decide, I hope I have inspired some creativity in you or at least made you say “that’s cool”!


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New In Our Shop

What’s new with Super Skivvies? Well, there has been a lot going on here in Kirkland and although running a growing business is taking more and more of our time, we are embracing many new things. First off, we have to let you know that we now have 15 different boy and girl prints in stock and in all sizes in Our Etsy Shop. After lots of hard work they turned out beautifully and our next batch of Super Skivvies is already in the works and will feature an additional 20+ prints. But for now, here is one pair of up-cycled Super Skivvies that are for sale now in Our Etsy Shop. If you love Halloween, then these are for you! (Click the photo to go directly to the listing.)

Halloween Hello Kitty

Now another new thing that has happened with Super Skivvies is our addition of a light box. As you may know the use of a light box greatly improves the quality of a picture by creating the ideal space in terms of lighting and color. In our case, we place a pair of Super Skivvies inside our light box, snap the picture, and it comes out clear and bright every time. Here is an example of the difference before and after the use of a light box:



These are just a few of the exciting things that Super Skivvies has undertaken lately. Keep your eyes open for more new updates in the coming weeks ahead right here on our blog and don’t forget to “like” us on our Facebook page. Also, we would like to thank each and every reader out there because without your continued attention, support, and business all of this would not be possible. We are thankful and appreciative for every customer, fan, and follower we are blessed with.


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5 Great Etsy Gifts For Music Lovers

I loooooove music! And you probably don’t know that I compose electronic beats when I’m not working on our Super Skivvies business. Yes, kicks, snares, hi hats, pianos, guitars, and synthesizer samples are some of my best friends. I can spend hours upon hours making new beats and arranging ones I have previously made. Making music is in my soul and listening to it helps set it free. I am a huge fan of positive underground hip hop that has a conscience (I love all other genres of music also) and I truly believe that music is what heals the world and brings it closer together. Through our love of music we realize that we are all very much alike regardless what other people may tell you. So with that I would like to share some great music related gifts for all of my fellow music lovers out there.

Personalized Leather Guitar Strap

My brother Tim and I just got a new guitar for our oldest brother Josh’s birthday and this would really go great with it. You can have anything you want inscribed on it too by just asking the seller.

Boombox Shirt

lDoes a love for music run throughout the family? This shirt is a great way to help express that love. It’s funny that most kids will never listen to a tape player in their life. I remember playing records as a kid!

Stainless Steel Headphones Necklace

Sometimes I will put on the big headphones, crank up the volume, and let my worries and fears melt away. If you do the same this is the necklace to symbolize that moment.

Beatles Sheet Music Coasters

The music from one of the most popular bands in the history of music can now save your table from the wrath of a cold drink! You can choose the music from your favorite Beatles song.

Music Journal/Lyric Book

When inspiration strikes you need to be ready to capture the words or idea. If you only had a special book with turntables and keyboards on the front to write down lyrics or ideas for your songs…

I am feeling compelled to share more awesome music related gifts with you, but I must stay in compliance with our standard of 5 gifts so that I don’t offend our other blog posts. But hey there are lots more great items on the Etsy marketplace. As for my many music production projects (around 100), I know one of my works rise to prominence and tantalize your eardrums in the future.


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Super Skivvies Are Made Of Whaaaat???

No, Super Skivvies aren’t made with some futuristic material found in a galaxy far far away. However, Super Skivvies are made with the safest, finest, and most eco-freindly materials found here on the beautiful planet Earth. Disposable and waterproof PUL (polyurethane laminate) training pants are very harmful to our eco-system and actually lengthen the time it takes to fully potty train. Yes, the materials that you decide to use have a huge effect on the overall effectiveness of a trainer. Much research has gone into Super Skivvies cloth training pants and below you will find a breakdown of Super Skivvies’ components and the reasons for using the materials we do.

  • Body – We only use medium weight 100% cotton interlock or rib knit fabrics for Super Skivvies bodies. Not only is cotton sustainable and absorbent, but it does not hold odor from urine and feces the way that polyester and other man made fibers do. It also makes for a more soft and comfortable training pant for your potty learner. Even though it is cheaper, we do not use jersey because it is a thinner fabric with little to no stretch and is not even half as durable as interlock or rib knit. This means you get to use Super Skivvies for much longer than other cloth or disposable trainers and can be passed down or resold to siblings or friends.
  • Waist & Thigh Bands – We only use medium weight 100% cotton interlock (no rib knit) because even when stretched to its max, it will retract to its original dimensions. The elasticity of 100% cotton interlock makes the waist and thigh bands stretchy which ensures a comfortable and snug fit around these parts of the body. Having a snug fit also discourages any leaks.
  • Liner – We feature a 70% rayon (from bamboo), 28% organic cotton, and 2% polyester (for durability which does not affect the before mentioned odor problem) velour liner. This specially designed liner allows Super Skivvies to become convertible with an absorbent removable insert. This liner does wick some moisture away from delicate skin, but not so much that your child is unaware of the wetness, all the while, still helping to keep puddles off of your floor.
  • Insert – Our removable insert is what makes Super Skivvies convertible and thus so special. It is made of 3 layers of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton fleece. Bamboo fibers are 300% MORE ABSORBENT than cotton and become more absorbent with each washing. This means you will need less layers to absorb more liquid. Because there are less layers, Super Skivvies are much trimmer than a cloth or disposable diaper. Your child will feel what real under pants are supposed to feel like rather than continuing to use them as if they were diapers. This helps your potty learner make the transition easier by recognizing that wet equals yucky. Here are more reasons why Super Skivvies uses bamboo fabrics:                                                                                                                                            * Bamboo is a rapidly produced crop grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers                                                                                                                                         * It is produced in a “closed loop system” that re-circulates and captures agents used to convert the plant into fiber                                                                                                         * Bamboo is also biodegradable, anti-microbial, breathable, moisture-wicking, hypo-allergenic, and anti-static
  • Elastic – Super Skivvies uses 1″ no roll elastic in the waistband. This makes it easy for little hands to pull their Super Skivvies up and down as needed without help from Mom or Dad. Letting your potty learner become as involved in the process as possible goes a long way for building confidence and independence in the potty training process.
  • Labels – All of Super Skivvies required labels (size and logo/care) are sewn onto non irritating places. One satin size label is sewn onto the underside of the removable insert. Another woven size label is sewn on top of the woven logo/care label which is then sewn to the outer back of the waistband. We have taken into account every possible situation to ensure that your potty learner is as comfortable in their Super Skivvies as the fabric we use.
  • Thread – What holds together all the Super Skivvies pieces? Take a Wooly Mammoth subtract the mammoth, add nylon thread, and you have wooly nylon thread.  This kind of thread is much softer to the touch than ordinary polyester thread and protects a child’s sensitive skin against irritating serger burn.

For more information on the benefits of using Super Skivvies you can read our August 31, 2011 blog post “The Top 5 Reasons Why Super Skivvies Are The Best Option For Trainers”.

You can also visit our Etsy shop to view all in stock trainers.

If you would like more information on potty training you can read “Is Your Toddler Ready For Potty Training?” and “5 Tips For Potty Training Your Child”.


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5 Great Etsy Gifts For Autumn

With everyday that passes you can feel the changing of the seasons. Those of us on the Northern Hemisphere prepare for Winter while Summer is on its way to the Southern Hemisphere. Here in the Pacific Northwest temperatures around the Seattle area are lowering to our normal 55 degrees and the maple leaves are getting their famous yellow and orange tints. With Autumn also comes the beginning of the Holiday Season and jolly get togethers on frigid nights. Whatever your plans this Fall season be sure to find joy in it and check out some great Autumn gift ideas right here!

Autumn Berry Wreath

Add some Autumn color to that deserving front door of yours! This beautiful 18″ x 18″ wreath features orange and peach colored pip berries.

Fall Trees Hair Clippies

Does windy Fall weather have your hair blowing in the cold wind? Then these clippies are just what you need to show your love for Fall colors and keep your hair do in tact.

Scarecrow “Can”dle Luminaire

Looking for a unique Autumn decoration to put on the front porch? This friendly scarecrow cut out of a coffee can comes to life at night when you light a candle inside!

9 ft. Harvest Banner

If you or someone you know is having a Fall party then there needs to be some decoration. One way to decorate is to hang a colorful banner. Like this one!

Something To Be Grateful For Table Setting

Be reminded to be grateful for all of life’s blessings every time you sit down for dinner with your loved ones with this Autumn print table setting. Comes with a set of 4 reversible place mats with the saying “There is always something for which to be thankful” on one side, 4 napkins, and 4 beaded grape napkin rings.

The days are getting shorter and daylight is becoming a commodity. And as it gets colder outside, now is the time to warm up the home with some Autumn colors. We hope you find something here you or a friend can use for making the season a little more delightful.


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Welcome to the Super Skivvies blog!

For more information about Super Skivvies and to Shop, please visit our Home Page at: SuperSkivvies.biz

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