The Super Skivvies Story

Super Skivvies started in the Spring of 2009 on our dining room table. A friend was looking for an overnight solution to her daughter who was learning to use the potty. At the time, Super Skivvies was operating under the name of Green Ella Bean making decorated bamboo velour prefold diapers  and knit wool covers.

We were looking into a way to expand the business with a new product, as the market we were currently in was saturated with velour prefolds and other cloth diapers. An offer was made to sew up some training pants for the friend, and to design them to be convertible (something that had not yet been introduced to the training pant market).

A couple of months later, my daughter, Ella, was showing signs of being ready to use the potty. We searched high and low for cloth training pants that were small enough to fit our then 18 pound 16 month old. Not only that, but we wanted something that would last past conquering the potty. Returning to the trainers previously made for the friend, we developed an extra small that would fit our tiny little potty learner.

After a bit of testing and pattern tweaking, Super Skivvies were born. Word started spreading, and brought us into the flourishing, successful company we are today!


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