About the Owner


First off, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by. All of you make it possible for me to work from home, doing something that I love.

Now, about me!

I am a single mommy to an amazing little girl, Ella. I began working with children in child care centers during my Junior year of high school, obtained an AA Degree in Early Childhood Education the year after I graduated high school, became a nanny in 2004 and have not looked back! I have always been a creative person, and have loved “making things” for quite some time. It was only natural to create things for children. I began crocheting at the age of 16, sewing at 19, and knitting at 23. I use only quality fabrics and supplies, and would never sell anything that I would not put on my own child. I am a perfectionist, very picky, and strive to provide only the best for you and your child(ren).

SO, if you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to email me. I answer all emails promptly.

Happy Potty Learning!



2 Responses to About the Owner

  1. I’m so happy for you that your business is doing so well and that you can be a SAHM! Good job!!

  2. Brittan says:

    Ella is so beautiful.

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