Sneak Peek: Upcoming Super Skivvies Prints!

We admit, we are running really low on our stock of Super Skivvies cloth training pants. :/ We underestimated how long 650 pair would last, and didn’t really expect the huge jump in fans and customers that we had in the early part of 2012. We are also REALLY excited about the new growth and the next step for Super Skivvies!

Our fans have been buzzing about the next round coming in mid-April, and we are feeding off of that energy, using it to work harder and longer on Super Skivvies each day. This extra hard work has lead to me finally completing the new Super Skivvies Boxer Brief cloth training pants pattern and we are pleased to share that they WILL BE included in this Spring batch! YAY!

(This photo is not good, it was taken with my phone at night with low wattage bulbs for light, so please excuse us! Prints shown in this photo will NOT be included in the next round, they were scraps from past batches.)

We have also been showing off some of the prints that will be released in April on our Facebook fan page. We understand that not everyone hovers around Facebook all day, so we wanted to share here as well!

The first print we shared wasRainbow Cheetah:

Then we shared Owls on a Line:

Today, we are excited to share Hot Pink Zebra:

And Vroom Vroom!

Also, just a reminder that we run a Daily Deal every day, Monday through Friday. We announce the deal on our Facebook fan page between 9:30a-10a (Pacific Time). These deals score you 30% off the retail price by using the code DAILYDEAL in our shop! Today’s Daily Deal (3/14/12) is Medium Pink Polka Dot (click the photo to buy):

Happy Wednesday and Happy Potty Learning!


About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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2 Responses to Sneak Peek: Upcoming Super Skivvies Prints!

  1. JourneysofTheZoo says:

    I absolutely love the pink zebra and hot pink with dots. Are you thinking of having any Zoo themed ones? We love the Zoo!

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