New In Our Shop

Here at Super Skivvies we are always trying to think of new ways to accommodate our customers needs and help make it as easy as possible to potty train your child. Through the use of helpful potty training tips, top notch customer support, and an incredibly effective trainer, Super Skivvies will help you conquer your potty training fears and provide you and your little one with practical potty training solutions.

Now not too long ago we decided to start offering packaged deals in our Etsy shop, and they have been a great success. Due to the popularity of our packs and the upcoming holiday season, we are pleased to announce that there are now Super Skivvies Gift Certificates available for each one of our great packaged deals. The gift certificate allows the recipient to choose the Super Skivvies of their choice including size and print (with the exception of any Limited Edition Super Skivvies prints). Super Skivvies Gift Certificates are a great gift idea for a family member or friend who will be starting the potty training journey. You can choose from the following packs:

Try It Pack – $60

Our “Try It Pack” includes three (3) pair of Super Skivvies and two (2) Super Inserts. As a packaged deal you save $8 dollars.

Starter Pack – $120

Our “Starter Pack” includes seven (7) pair of Super Skivvies. As a packaged deal you save $18 dollars.

All In Pack – $230

Our “All In Pack” includes thirteen (13) pair of Super Skivvies and six (6) Super Inserts. As a packed deal you save $42 dollars.

We would also like to note a couple of things:

1. All of the Super Skivvies Gift Certificate prices include shipping charges within the U.S. Any additional charges will be billed to the redeemer of the Gift Certificate.

2. We will soon have a Super Skivvies Gift Certificate for just one pair for $20 dollars.

As always you can keep up to date with Super Skivvies news and updates here at our blog and on our Facebook page.



About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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