Sneak Peek!

We hope you enjoyed the kickoff of the holiday season with Halloween a couple days ago! Steph and I took our daughter (who was outfitted in a fabulous custom bunny costume that Steph made) out for some trick or treating and found a great neighborhood to “get the goods.” It was a great evening and she had a blast. We let her keep her favorite candy and donated the rest to her dentist who plans to send it all to troops overseas. And it didn’t rain on us here in the Seattle area! Big bonus!

But enough of the personal stuff. Let’s talk about something that we hear all the time from our followers. The number one thing people ask us is, “do you have more prints?” A lot of you out there will be pleased to learn that sometime in December we will be adding over 20 prints to our collection. As of right now we have 15 prints to choose from. Depending on if there are any of those prints from this last run left, there may be up to 35 prints to choose from in the next few months. Getting 20+ more prints ready for everyone is quite a task, considering all of the holidays and festivities coming soon. As we continue to grow and develop into the trusted source for your potty training needs, we feel that it is necessary to do our best to satisfy the needs and wants of our customers. Hopefully adding 20+ new prints will satisfy the need for an abundance of fabric choices.

Now we are going to give you a sneak peek at four prints today that will be magically turned into Super Skivvies in the near future. If you like them, stay tuned to the Super Skivvies blog, Facebook page, and Etsy shop for the release of all of the great new prints.

The new prints!

We are always trying to let our followers know that we appreciate all of the positive feedback and support that we receive. So thank you to all of our fans and customers! Also, it is important to let you know that we do listen to your wants and needs. That is why we search the fabric retailers for the newest, cutest, and highest quality cotton interlock prints to make into the best potty training pants money can buy – Super Skivvies! (If you need a reminder of why Super Skivvies are the best, look no further than our August 31, 2011 blog post The Top 5 Reasons Why Super Skivvies Are The Best Option For Trainers.)



About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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