5 Great Etsy Gifts For The Bathroom

Whether it is the call of nature or a quick shower, there are many reasons to be found in the bathroom. And while the bathroom might not be the most glamorous room in your home, you definitely want to make your space as calm and relaxing as possible. After all, we all will spend a certain percentage of our lives inside it.

My ideal bathroom would involve glass bricks, a flowing water feature, and an ocean view. Now if that’s not the picture you get when you think of your dream bathroom, have no fear. I have scoured Etsy to find a broad range of unique and diverse items that will help any bathroom achieve royal status. (You can view each item by clicking the picture)

All Natural Shampoo

All shampoos are not created equal. Most shampoos are full of chemicals that damage your hair. These shampoos are created with healthy hair in mind by our good friend who is a real life chemical engineer. And because of the carefully selected essential oils, they smell amazing!

Upcycled Wine Cork Bathmat

If you love wine then this is the gift for you. As you can see this unique bathmat is composed of bottle corks and will create a stir when your friends come to visit. Maybe one of your favorite wines is represented here.

Copper Bamboo C Shape Towel Ring

Tired of that boring towel ring you have now? Well this one is stylish and sturdy with a copper construction made to resemble bamboo and it’s C shape makes moving your towel on or off very simple.

Soap Dish

Ever wonder how that bar of soap disappears so fast? Well when you put down the bar of soap after washing your hands it needs to dry off so it doesn’t get mushy (this wastes your soap). The answer? This decorative draining soap dish.

Wine Barrel Vanity

If you want to add a special touch to your bathroom that no one else has, then this is what will do it. I have never seen or even thought of turning a wine barrel into a vanity. Just add a mirror and then say voila!

Next time you are in the bathroom ask yourself, how can I spruce this place up? You may be inspired to remodel the whole thing. Or maybe you are missing just one unique thing that will complete your spa-like sanctuary. Whatever you decide, I hope I have inspired some creativity in you or at least made you say “that’s cool”!



About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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