5 Great Etsy Gifts For Imaginative Play

Many toys these days are mass produced in huge factories overseas and made mostly of man made materials. As you may know, many of these toys can have damaging effects on your child and the environment. However, there are also toys out there that are handmade from natural and sustainable materials. Toys like the ones we want to share with you today will support the use of imagination and discovery in children while keeping parents at ease knowing their toys are safe.

Play Silk

Open ended toys can be the best. A child’s imagination is the only limit to how many ways these can be played with. You get to design your colorway also.

Wool Felt Farm Playmat

The toy tractors and trucks in the playroom will be glad to have this farm complete with animals, crops, a barn and silo, market, and fishy pond to work on. It’s made out of wool felt and measures 18″ x 18″.

Unicorn Pegasus Knitting Pattern

What child wouldn’t love a Unicorn Pegasus to play with everyday? Magical horn and wings ensure hours upon hours of enjoyment. Get your knitting needles out for this one.

Organic Waldorf 18″ Doll

Say hello to Elise! A beautiful Waldorf inspired doll made of all organic materials that includes everything you see, silk scarf and shoes. You can also get custom made dolls too.

Wool Felt Memory Game

Here is a great way to teach a child about shapes and colors, improve memory, and develop dexterity. This handcrafted wool felt set also comes with a storage bag.

We all want our children to have the best and when you choose to provide them with safe and thought provoking toys, they become part of a learning experience. So make sure to support those who are making these awesome toys and educate yourself about the safety of your children’s playthings.

PS: All of the items featured here come from shops that are a part of the Natural Kids Team. Find lots more open ended and Waldorf inspired toys at Natural Kids Team on Etsy.


About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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3 Responses to 5 Great Etsy Gifts For Imaginative Play

  1. woolies says:

    Gorgeous natural toys! I love the Waldorf doll. Thank you so much for including my wool felt memory game!! 🙂

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  3. thatpoegirl says:

    I love the wool memory game and the Waldorf doll! A very well thought-out article, thank you 🙂

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