5 Great Etsy Gifts for Knitters

Shortly before I had my daughter, I found what (in my newly discovered cloth diapering forums) was called “woolies.” Woolies are various cloth diaper covers made of wool. Wool interlock, felted wool, and hand knit wool. Pants, shorts, skirts, and soakers (traditional style diaper covers). I fell in absolute love with the look of the hand knit pants. Not only were they cute, but they also worked as a diaper cover?! Sold.

When I finally decided on a cloth diaper style that worked for us, I quickly found a “longies” (what the wool pants are called) knitter and had a pair of longies made as well as a matching hat. When I got them in the mail a few weeks later, I immediately put them on my daughter and took a handful of photos.

When I started looking for another pair, I was taken aback by sticker shock! The pregnancy hormones must have still been flowing when I bought the first pair because longies were running between $50 and upwards of $90!!! There was no way I was going to spend that much money again. I already knew how to crochet, how hard could it be to knit? HA HA! It took me eight tries over almost a year to finally get the hang of knitting…but I did! I taught myself how to knit, and I love it so much! I only wish I had more time.

With the holidays coming up, knitting has been on my mind. It was really fun to let Anthony take a break from blogging while I got to scour Etsy for awesome knitting accessories!

Eight Progressive Projects for theBeginning Knitter Book

Now, this would have been of great help to me the first seven times I tried to learn to knit! I have a friend who isn’t impressed with her own knitting skills. This just might be the key to helping her feel more confident about her knitting abilities.

Paper Knitting Needles for Air Travel

With all of the new rules on airplanes now, what’s a person to do? A catalog of ads for things to see and do in your city is not going to last more than 15 minutes. It is a perfect time to knit, but some knitting needles are not allowed in your carry-on. Problem solved. Needles made of paper! (Be sure to read the description for use and care.)

Snag-Free Ring Stitch Markers

The first set of stitch markers I bought were dangly. Bad idea. They get in the way, get hooked around stitches, and end up not as cute as they were when you decided to buy them. Ring stitch markers are definitely the way to go, in my opinion. Make sure to get the correct size rings for the size of needles you use. Too small wont fit onto your needles, too big could leave a vertical line of loose stitches.

Lucky Sheep Knitter Project Bags

Sooner or later, you will have a project that you want to take with you somewhere. Tossing the project in your purse could be disastrous! You will need a bag to contain it, why not get one specifically designed for knitters? Pockets inside will help keep your accessories organized.

Yarn Bowl in Green

I have wanted a yarn bowl for a couple of years now. They are classy, and you don’t have to buy a yarn ball winder and swift to make it possible to use those skeins. Just wrap your yarn into a ball and toss it in the bowl. What a time saver!

Whether you are thinking of learning to knit, a very seasoned veteran, or anywhere in between, there is something here for you! I’d love to hear what you currently have on the needles. 🙂

Happy knitting!


About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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  7. Andre Schulz says:

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  8. Liz says:

    There are tons of knitting accessories that make good gifts. I love the knitting bowl!

    For more ideas on knitting gifts, and just plain good knitting things, you may want to visit my “Gifts for Knitters” lens at Squidoo. Link on my name …

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