Buy one, get one FREE!!!

After all that we have gone through with the last contract sewer, we have also found that she used a sharp needle to sew the Super Skivvies instead of a ballpoint needle. This has caused some of the fabrics to become very weak at the seams and we have been informed that they fall apart after just one washing. This is very hit or miss with each pair, and we have gone over them closely to try to fix any obvious problems. Still, we are completely unsatisfied and just want these Skivvies GONE!

SO, we would like to offer all of the Super Skivvies marked as seconds as buy one, get one FREE! That drops the price to $8 EACH! It is very highly unlikely that you will ever see brand new Super Skivvies selling for this price again, so go on! Clean us out!

Discount will be given via PayPal refund due to the limits on discount codes Etsy allows. Absolutely NO returns or exchanges will be allowed, even if they fall apart after the first washing. As mentioned before, I have repaired any obvious weak points, but some are not visible until after use.

We would also like to take a minute to give an update on the next batch: This batch is smaller, just over 80 pair, and all in sizes extra small and small. All of the girly prints will be Limited Edition prints (out of print and hard to find fabrics), and this will be the first and only time these prints will be available. No other sizes will be available in any of the prints that will be listed.

We plan to list these around the 20th of August.

Happy Potty Learning!

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About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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