Some Father’s Day gift ideas!

I am a planner. A very detailed planner. I like to have as much as I can planned out and ready to go as far in advance as possible, and when it changes, it ruffles my feathers and takes hours for me to readjust. SO, for those similar to me, I have put together a small list, in no particular order, of some awesome gifts for Dad that I found on the beloved Etsy. 🙂

1. Sterling Silver Power Tie Clip – Personalized! 

Some daddies wear a tie every day. How sweet would it be to have a reminder of the loves in your life close to your heart all day? ❤

2. Golf Ball Marker with Key Chain – Personalized!

My dad loves to golf, but he wont go when I am there to visit. Well, with this, he can feel a little less guilty! He will know that I love him and want him to have fun, even if I am in town.

3. Vegan Organic Beer Soap

A man has to get clean somehow! Why not with beer??? How can you go wrong with that? *giggle*

4. Vintage Mug Shave Gift Set with Shave Soap

I’ve always loved the idea of the “old fashioned” way of shaving. Using a natural soap instead of the chemical-ridden shave gels and creams just seems like the best way to go, doesn’t it?

5. Hand Stamped Washer Keyring – Personalized!

Simple, clean, and undercover love. Perfect.

Also, just as a reminder, the SUPER SALE at Super Skivvies is still going on. Head on over and pick up a few pair!



About Steph

I am the owner of Super Skivvies, mother to a beautiful four year old little girl, and girlfriend to an amazing man.
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